Goldacres 20% Protein Calf Meal Starter - 20KG

Goldacres 20% Protein Calf Meal Starter - 20KG

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Goldacres Premium 20% Protein Calf Meal Starter 20KG.

This is the ultimate start your calf needs – a quality 20% protein meal with added fiber. With a qualified nutritionist, some selected the ingredients this recipe was designed to carefully create a meal that develops the rumen, giving you the ability to restrict milk/milk replacer, contains Bovatec to prevent coccidiosis, and most importantly, achieves great weight gains. Blended with molasses, we bring you a highly palatable meal that your calves will do well on.

Contains Goldacres Bio Health

Contains Vitamins 

NZ Grains 

Contains Minerals 

NZ Lucerne 

NZ Made

Ingredients: Maize, Wheat, Barley, Dried Distillers Grains, Soya Meal, Lime Flour, Salt, Oats, Betonite, Vegetable Oil, Molasses, Oaten Chaff, Lucerne Chaff, Peas, Cotton Seed Meal, Vitamins + Minerals.

Typical Analysis:

ME: 14MJ/kg

Protein: 20%

Fat Min: 4%

Fibre Min: 3%

Calcium: 0.6%