Our Story

Welcome to Goldacres... a company founded by the four of us siblings.

Our story began back in 2008 when Milan raised a calf for School Ag Day. After many hours of mixing up warm milk, and a bag of North Country Grains Calf Meal, the judges tied the purple 'champion' ribbon around his calf's' neck. Now he is a cow cocky who crawls out bed on cold wintery mornings to milk 500 cows and feed hungry mooing calves.

Echo was the one who discovered an old pony down the road (with no teeth!) that was trying to graze out the last few days of its life. She begged the grazier to allow her to walk the pony home. The old mare licked warm North Country Grain meals from a feed bin each day, and it wasn't long before the pony took on a new lease of life and lived to the grand old age of 34!  Not all of Echos animal friends are big and furry. She is an Aviculturist - that's a complicated way of saying that she breeds all sorts of beautiful coloured birds for other people to purchase and enjoy. Her aviaries are full of vibrant chatter and bird song from daylight til dusk.

Björn has had a fascination with insects and small creatures from a young age so it wasn't long before a beehive took up residence in the back paddock. After successfully catching some bee swarms in the summer and the purchase of more bee colonies, the amount of little wooden boxes dotted around our paddocks began to increase. At the age of 10, Björn became one of NZ's youngest registered beekeepers. Three years, two stings, and many litres of honey later, his bees continue to harvest the fields and bush around us for pollen and nectar, bringing it home one bee load at a time. His honey and honeycomb will be for sale on this website in the summer.

It seems like we've had poultry strutting around in our backyard since day dot, so you can imagine the tonnes of North Country Grains Poultry feed that we've got back in eggs! Now it's Brigittes turn to care for our feathered flock. All year round, Brigittes clucking friends lay a continual supply of beautiful, tasty eggs for us to enjoy. We've also successfully hatched hundreds of chicks under hens and in incubators that have all started their lives on the North Country Grains Chick Starter meal.

For years we've fed many bags of North Country Grains feed to many different animals and birds - and the results are always the same - excellent!

The Goldacres feed range is one of our country's best kept secrets. Many farmers, lifestyle block and pet owners don't know that this wholesome, fresh and nutritious feed is made in NZ. We want you to try it too. We also want you to try our service, we offer free delivery to most areas in NZ - that's the part that you get to enjoy! And of course, your animals will enjoy the freshness and flavour of our Goldacres feed!

We invite you to become a customer today and experience the Goldacres difference.

Warm regards,

Milan, Echo, Bjorn & Brigitte.