Goldacres Broodmare Supplementary Horse feed - 25KG

Goldacres Broodmare Supplementary Horse feed - 25KG

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Goldacres Premium Broodmare Supplementary Horse Feed 25KG.

Foaling mares require extra care and nutrients, and based on this understanding, this premium broodmare feed recipe has been carefully created for your mare.  It is another one of our high-quality mixes that includes all the essential sources of energy and nutrients that your resting horse or pony needs. By including a full range of vitamins and minerals in this feed, the need for other dietary supplementation is reduced.

Contains Supa Health

Contains Vitamins 

NZ Grains 

Contains Minerals 

NZ Lucerne 

Contains Selenium 

NZ Made

Ingredients: Oats, Barley, Maize, DDG, Vegetable Oil, Molasses, Bran, Chaff, Copra, Soya Bean, Calcium, Salt, Vitamins and Minerals. See bag for feeding recommendations.

Typical Analysis:

Horse DE: 3.594mcal/kg

Horse DE: 15.027MJ/kg

Fat/Oil: 3.227%

C Fibre: 4.854%

C Protein: 11.491%

Lysine: 0.327%

Meth+CYS: 0.330%

ASH: 5.188%

Magnesium: 0.224%

Calcium: 0.935%

TOT Phos: 0.496%

Salt: 0.825%

Sodium: 0.178%

Chloride: 0.510%